Team Cambridge has an array of training options starting with two comprehensive daily scheduled coaching packages. Both packages require PhysFarm's RaceDay Apollo, the only software that can predict performance. Coach Whitten is on the PhysFarm Coaches Consortium, an elite think-tank of coaches from around the world. All athletes coached will also undergo lab assessments using FaCT protocols at the RCSC Performance Lab. All athletes will have the opportunity to learn their physiological limiters and compensators through lab assessments, which will guide their individualized programs.

Premium Coaching Package

  • Requires 6 month commitment
  • 1st/last month paid up front
  • 30 day written notice of cancellation
  • Daily access to coach via phone, text, or email
  • Coach Whitten writes all workouts and makes all changes for you

Economy Coaching Package

  • Requires 1 year commitment
  • 1st/last month paid up front
  • 30 day written notice of cancellation
  • Text or email coach and receive reply within 48 hours
  • One monthly phone conversation with Coach Whitten
  • Coach Whitten writes the first week of each phase, you build upon that week filling out the rest of the phase using the tools found in Apollo software (Coach Whitten will oversee this process)

Start-up Coaching Package

  • Requires 90 day commitment
  • Coach Scott Eder will use his 29 years of triathlon experience to develop an affordable weekly training schedule, based on your needs, to comfortably coach you through your first few triathlon races.

More services

  • LBP Testiing
  • This is a one hour session running on treadmill or cycling on stationary bike with Head Coach Scott Whitten for a Lactate Balance Point (LBP) test at the Reagan Performance Testing Center. This will determine your specific training zones which is an essential element to any training program.

  • Run Club
  • This is a 60-90 minute group session coached runs occurring 3 to 4 times per week in various locations. Runs are based on LBP or pace or heart rate and can be either threshold run workouts, hill run workouts, speed/track workouts or long slow distance runs

  • 1 on 1
  • This is triathlon discipline coaching, hourly individualized coaching for swimming , cycling and running with various coaches. Also included in 1 on 1's are hourly personalized core strength based training with Coach Scott Eder.

  • Masters Swiming
  • Coach Chris MacCurdy will guide you through a thoughtful and challenging one hour swim workout three times a week. Times are Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 6:00 AM and Sunday's at 8:15 at The J.

  • Cycling Training
  • The Cycling Center of Dallas is the home of this Indoor Computrainer, Multi- rider wattage based year-round cycling. Lead by certified Level 1 Elite Coach's Richard Wharton and Scott Whitten these 60-75 minute workouts will make you a stronger cyclist.

Whether you are training to win your age group in a local race or finish your first sprint or Ironman event, our coaches and group workouts will help ensure you are spending your training time in the most efficient way possible.

Don't just work out, train with a purpose. Red and Gray All the Way!

For pricing and all the details please contact: Scott Eder at 214.912.9231 or email scott@teamcambridgetri.com

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